Our AMIE-expert faculty has prepared sure-pass study materials for outstation students. This is particularly suitable for employed students. That means, by making use of our printed AMIE Study Materials, you can continue with your job, at the same time you will get the same benefit of a regular class-room student. So by systematically following our instruction you can pass AMIE course in minimum time.

In preparing the study materials, special care has taken to illustrate all topics in self-taught style. Each lesson in the material is presented in a self-explanatory style, with a number of necessary figures, tables etc. Positive feedback we received from students show that these materials will certainly prove beneficial to all types of students.


 Studies reveal that why many students fail in AMIE examination is due to that lack of right guidance and coaching materials. Compared to regular engineering students in professional colleges, AMIE students do not get access to good professors, laboratory facilities, regular attendances etc. All these factors may affect AMIE result. In order to tackle this, good guidance and reference cum study materials are necessary. This is to be emphasized that studying the materials provided by the Institution of Engineers is not at all sufficient for passing AMIE exam. This is the exact reason why we prepared coaching materials for AMIE students


Some Features Of Study Material

  • Prepared as per the existing syllabus (w.e.f Summer 2005).
  • This material is meant exclusively for AMIE students.
  • A student who uses this material doesn’t need to use any other textbooks.
  • Contains answers of all previous AMIE Questions.
  • Comprehensive, which means it covers entire syllabus, even the minutest topic not ignored.
  • All previous A.M.I.E question are entered at

    the end of each chapter. Hence, after studying one topic you will have covered all possible questions from that topic. This also improves your level of confidence in attempting exams.

  • The language used is very simple; each topic is presented in self-learning style.
  • Pages 300 to 400 for each subject.